You'll be

We make
it shine

Our expertise ranges from speaker presentations to marketing, strategy, product and company presentations. Our functional corporate templates based on PowerPoint simplify the day-to-day application and also support the consistent application of your corporate design.


A story learns to walk.

Ideas become convincing stringent acts of a presentation story. We decipher the message and make everything a big and graphic whole; developed for a platform that demands its own narrative style.


You'll keep it in mind.

With detailed coordination and a perfectly staged processing, we achieve the appreciation of the medium “presentation”.
It creates an indispensable element for your corporate image, your brand or your product. Structured interaction with creative exchange creates impressive design.


Be smart - use templates.

A functional PowerPoint master template provides a solid technical framework for all the layouts and presentations needed in the enterprise. The speaker takes care of the content, everything else the master does for more efficiency, continuity and time savings – in short: no “death by PPT”.

Animation, 3D & Movie

Wow, Wow, Wow.

Impressive entertainment based on Power Point – that really works! We create visualizations that allow all multimedia aspects, but with one crucial difference: no rendering, full editability!Have you ever heard of PowerPoint Morph? Benefit from the versatile effects that this feature has to offer – pure illusion when shapes merge or individual elements come together to form a meaningful overall picture.

Event-/ Pitch

We proudly present.

Highest standard – also on site. Your project, pitch or event – our support. All presentations will be coordinated technically and conceptually exactly on speaker or trade fair presentation and fine-tuned and finalized just before the release – just in time!


Work it out.

Your template, your everyday life, your needs – it can hardly be more individual. We not only show how it works, but also adapt our workshops to your company, the respective team and the daily challenges. Be based on practical work units
make the topics comprehensible in the truest sense and shape them in the long term.

Software & Tools

Beyond Presentations.

There is a wide range of add-ins and presentation software, but we support only some of them out of conviction. Our credo is to get the best out of all the desires and to go with the times and for user efficiency – as well as honoring Apple or Windows standards.