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Martin Baumdicker Martin Baumdicker

Martin Baumdicker

Managing Director & Founder

The sportive workaholic has lots of fun doing his job. Practice-oriented thinking lets Martin be the born converter of new creative ideas and concepts for the pioneers in the retail sector. His motto: “We make it happen, count, real &… shine.”

Alexandra Wilhelm Alexandra Wilhelm

Alexandra Wilhelm

Creative Lead

Cool head, general survey and always in a good mood – our carnival fan doesn’t get ruffled that easily. Her sense for design and years of presentation experience are an unbeatable combination. Companies like Nike and Ferrero rely on our studied communication designer.


Pamela von der Heide Pamela von der Heide

Pamela von der Heide

Senior Project Manager

The former designer has discovered her weakness for coordination at an early stage – she is mastering it ever since. In matters of presentation design, Pamela is serving high-profile customers for many years now; eg. Continental, Ritter Sport, DFL, G + j, BMW and many more.

Alexandra Wahlmann Alexandra Wahlmann

Alexandra Wahlmann

Senior Art Director [maternity leave]

As an all-round talent in design, Alex is a shining star on the Pioneers horizon. She impresses with abilities relevant to presentation design and animation. The studied designer supervises customers such as Fidelity, Schüco, Roche, Lufthansa, JLL and many more.

Julia Brosche Julia Brosche

Julia Brosche

Jun. Project Manager | Presentation Design

With her positive nature and affinity for design, she has become indispensable for the team. Detailed and purposeful concept work are going without saying for the trained media designer, having a great influence on her solid project management skills, serving companies like RTL, Schüco and many more.

Roman Lorenz Roman Lorenz

Roman Lorenz

Presentation Designer

Being a presentation designer half a decade now, he still manages to reinvent them again and again! With his spirit the student of communication design brings a breath of fresh air into the business, serving customers like Fraport, Ferrero, L’Oréal and many more.

Jennifer Fitterer Jennifer Fitterer

Jennifer Fitterer

Consulting & Design [maternity leave]

As a graduated designer, she knows exactly what she is talking about. Her presentation consulting skills benefit from vast design experiences, offering detailed project support for example for Fresenius Medical Care, Ferrero and JLL.

Alina Haas Alina Haas

Alina Haas

Trainee Presentation Design

With a special appreciation for design and teamwork, she has become an essential part of our team. Continuously surprising with her skills, tireless motivation and profound knowledge of the typical agency routine, she supports companies like BMW, Schüco or Nike.

Ömer Acar Ömer Acar

Ömer Acar

Presentation Designer

Having a passion for [product]design and mastering it in his sleep. With sympathy, ambition and know-how, our multimedia specialist has worked his way in our hearts scoring with reliability and soul. Customers such as Schüco, Sparkasse and others are counting on him.

Jess Wiedemann Jess Wiedemann

Jess Wiedemann

Junior Presentation Designer

Strong animation concepts paired with dedication and humor! His designs are characterized by an eye for detail, wow effects and a high demand of precision – that’s what L’Oréal, RTL and many more benefit from.

Leo Scaravilli Leo Scaravilli

Leo Scaravilli

Junior Presentation Designer

With a passion for design and music, he is regarded as indispensable for the team. Being able to handle technical requirements blindfolded and convincing with a fine sense for design, his commitment to the team is appreciated by everyone, as well as customers like Hyundai, DFL or Universal McCann.

Andreas Dickescheid Andreas Dickescheid

Andreas Dickescheid

Junior Art Director

Gaming is his DNA – that’s for sure! With him as a colleague, everything feels like a friendly encounter. Among other companies he regularly supervises Nintendo, eg. for the Gamescom in Cologne; one of the biggest game fairs worldwide.

Julia „Jule” Schmidt Julia „Jule” Schmidt

Julia „Jule” Schmidt

Trainee Presentation Design

Our apprentice successfully proves herself on a daily basis, being new to the branch. Shaped by a cool spirit and quick thinking she wraps her colleagues around her finger – let’s see if it works with her later customers as well.

Joël Keßler Joël Keßler

Joël Keßler

Senior Art Director

His drawing skills are mind-blowing! Many years of bundled agency experience is what we as a team benefit from. Conversely he is tought the newest stuff by our millenials. Chapeau – also on behalf of Nestlé and many more.

Juny Juny



With over 10 years of agency experience, Juny is our good and fuzzy soul. However, with a slight tendency towards rubbish, he always puts a smile on our faces – some customers even request him being part of the project team!